Creature Corner: Schnauzer Luchador Caterpillar

>> Thursday, September 16, 2010

The other morning my oldest calls me outside to see an interesting insect he's found. This is a common cry in our house. We love inspecting insects. Mother nature puts the most amazing shapes and colors into these tiny guys. This time he'd found a strange looking, tiny caterpillar.

Such a bright, vibrant green.
With the furry barbs on it's "face"  and eye mask I think it should be called the Schnauzer Luchador Caterpillar.
After we took the pictures I  turned to my favorite insect indentification website, What's That Bug (dot) com. Turns out this is a Saddleback Caterpillar and guess what? It stings. All those hairs carry a venom that produces a very painful sting that can even cause nausea. Whoa. Glad we didn't touch it but just admired from afar.
Look but don't touch. Danger, danger on all sides, Will Robinson!


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