Marbelized Easter Eggs

>> Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Last year was the first year I attempted dying eggs with my kidlets. I remember dying eggs when I was a kid but for some unspecific reason I'd not done it with my own. I think it was a combination of the mess potential and the what do you do with them now issue. But last year I cleared the table, boiled a dozen eggs and prepared to relax my uptight ways and let creativity happen. 

I bought a Paas egg dye kit at Dollar Tree and thought we'd do it old school. However, a couple of days before I planned to dye the eggs I came across the idea of marbelized eggs. It was a bit messier but worth it.

In addition to the marbelizing technique, I gave the kids white crayons and told them any marks put on the eggs would not absorb color so they could create patterns, faces or messages.

To create the marble effect you first put the egg in a lighter base color dye then you put it in a darker color that has a few drops of olive oil swirled in the dye to disrupt the color. I found the Paas colors far too muted and had to bump up the color with food coloring.

The final results from the kids efforts, they had a great time and the mess was remarkably minimal. Maybe I'm making strides at relaxing after all.

As pretty as the eggs looked on my glass candlesticks I didn't blow these eggs out; they were edible hard cooked eggs. So what did I do with that other issue of what to do with the eggs?

They went back in the fridge as a colorful snack for the kids. They loved choosing one of their own creations when they wanted something to nosh on.

This year I'm planning on trying the silk dyed egg technique. I'm scouring the thrift stores now.

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