Boba Fett Pizza and Darth Vader Brownies

>> Friday, September 2, 2011

I'm woefully behind on blog postings. I have photos upon photos taunting me to publish them with black and white words surrounding them on this blog but alas that part of blogging takes time I've not been giving it. Many things seem out of place to post after such a long time and give me more hesitation. Then last night I had an epiphany that I shouldn't care! I should just share. If it's a Christmas post in July so be it. After all don't we often find blogs and scroll through them out of time? And with the beauty that is Pinterest we can now pin those things we want to recall in the proper season. Are you a Pinterest addict? I'm in love. You can see my pins here and if you need an invitation to join the fun send me a message.

So without further ado I'll get the ball rolling with the Star Wars Day, May the Fourth Be with You! This one seems mildly appropriate to post today since my city is a buzz with DragonCon this weekend. I first became aware of Star Wars day only last year thanks to facebook.

In 2010 I  whipped up a Han Solo in white chocolate carbonite, three Yoda colored vanilla lollipops and a large Darth Vader shaped rice crispy treat. Darth isn't chocolate rice crispies. He's the regular with added food coloring for the dark lord. This year I couldn't repeat my goodies so I decide to use my Vader pan to make brownies!

But not any brownies, Double Choclate Oreo Brownies! If we're going on the dark side we need to go all the way. I gathered the above ingredients and got cracking.

First two eggs.

Add the oil and water and mix.

Fnd a special helper to stir the mix into the wet ingredients. Do not overmix brownies, this cannot be stated enough. You just want everything wet, not smooth.

I break up about half a package of Oreos in my mini chopper until I have a good mix of chunks and crumbs.

Have your assistant pour in the Oreos while you take pictures...

...and give them another stir just until combined. If your batter's not lumpy, you're doing it wrong.

Into the Vader pan and bake...

...until done.

Let cool.

Frost the details to add even more chocolatey goodness.

But just brownies from the dark side did not seem like enough. I had to do something else. Something different. I had already planned on making pizza for dinner and had picked up a ball of dough from our local pizzeria. By the way, if you don't already know the beauty of homemade pizzas from local pizza shop dough, you need to. It's so much tastier to stop by the shop and buy their dough for a couple of dollars then ever use the mix in a pop can or box. And much faster than making your own from scratch to boot. Back to Star Wars pizza. While I was stretching the dough it occurred to me I could stretch it into the shape of Boba Fett's helmet!

With dough stretched I added red tomato sauce and green pesto to the appropriate places. Now my kids are picky about their pizza. Scratch that. Thing One is. If all my kids were like Thing Two I could've created the look with black olives, spinach and red peppers. But instead I had to do it with only cheese.

I added a few drops of food coloring to a baggie of cheese and it worked!

I created green, red and black cheese with success.

Out of the oven I think I have a fair representation of Boba Fett pizza. Sadly a friend later suggested I should've added feta and made Boba Feta Pizza. My kids love feta too! Next time.

Early May wasn't too hot yet down here so the kids had been outside playing with friends during all this cooking and baking. They had no idea what I was up to and I was able to surprise them with their Star Wars dinner. Look at those happy faces!

After pizza was consumed we walked the Vader Brownies down to the next door neighbor's house to share in the driveway with ten kids and five adults. Not only do I love Star Wars day fun, I love my neighborhod.

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