A Rainbow Brite Birthday Celebration

>> Thursday, November 17, 2011

Princess Fierce turned six in September. She's claimed the DragonCon Parade as her own personal birthday parade since it always happens the Saturday before her birthday. Once again this year we headed down to watch. She chose to not dress as Darth Fairy again but instead wore her Julie Newmar Catwoman costume.

I'm not sure if it was the 25th anniversary of Dragon*Con, the 10th anniversary of the DC parade or the fabulous weather but this year the parade route was packed. I snapped this pic looking down Peachtree Street when we still had 45 minutes to wait until the parade started.

The parade met the demands of the large crowd delivering the longest and best Dragon*Con parade yet.

A friendly Vader came by to high five the kids...and grown ups.

Vintage Batman and Batgirl with the fabulous Batmobile.

Princess Fierce knows about American Girl dolls this year so this was an extra special hit with her.

The My Little Ponies were a new addition this year.

And the birthday girl especially loved all the princesses including her current favorite, Jasmine. I have a lot more pictures from the parade on my flickr account. You can check them out here.

After the parade we head inside to the convention chaos so Princess Fierce can have her picture taken with some of her favorite characters. Catwoman, Jasmine and Wonder Woman were the top three.

Another birthday tradition is the birthday Pop Tart. I only buy these three times a year. They each get to choose any flavor for their birthday breakfast. Somehow knowing they can have Pop Tarts on their birthday has taken out any begging for these sweets the rest of the year. Princess Fierce thought long and hard before settling on S'mores.

Finally the actual birthday arrives. This year we found a vintage Rainbow Brite cake pan at a thrift store during the summer and Princess Fierce claimed it as her birthday cake of choice. So today was all about rainbows. She jumped out of bed and into her Rainbow Brite costume with the birthday ribbon I made her.

While the kids played I set to turning the cake baked in the thrift store find from this into...

...this! I was very pleased with how she turned out. But around here we don't stop at cake we need...

...cupcakes! Rainbow cupcakes, of course.

I made these with white frosting piped with the round open tip for the clounds then used Airhead Xtreme candies to make the rainbows.

Since we don't do birthday parties per se we let the kids have the birthday dinner of their choosing. Princess Fierce requested buttered noodles, fruit and bacon. Her three favorite food groups. But I couldn't do plain noodles, fruit and bacon, now could I?

It took more time but I boiled up the pasta in six different batches of colored water to create....

Buttered rainbow noodles!

The fruit also came in a rainbow.

I couldn't do rainbow bacon so heart shaped bacon had to work.

Her custom rainbow inspired birthday dinner lit up her beautiful face.

After dinner we walked down to my parents' house with a few of her friends to bust open the Rainbow Brite paper bag piñata I made the night before. The post on how to make the fabulous, inexpensive, customizable paper bag piñata is coming soon.

And of course it all ended with cake. Happy birthday, Princess Fierce!

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