April Fools' Breakfast

>> Friday, April 1, 2011

This year for April Fools' Day I decided to do a candy breakfast. It was inspired off this idea from Family Fun magazine. Following their directions I created the miniature candy breakfast you see here. But I thought I could make a few modifications to the bacon.

To make the bacon you need caramels and tootsie rolls. For the eggs, white chocolate chips or candy melts and yellow M&Ms.

For my large, life size bacon strips I used two tootsie rolls and one caramel.

It's suggested you soften these in the microwave but mine is on the fritz, so I just pressed them with my hands until they flattened.

Stack them and press some more.

Cut in half lengthwise.

Stack and press some more.

Now cut into three thin strips.

Turn on sides, with stripes facing up and press together then press down to flatten.

Running my palm along the length while pressing down on the counter made the "facon" thin and long.

Trim the ends and then crimp edges as you desire.

And you have true size candy bacon.

From two tootsie rolls and one caramel to candy bacon.

I placed them all in a skillet on the oven when I served them for breakfast. The kids were baffled.

To make the eggs squeeze a dot of melted white candy on wax paper, press in yellow M&M and let set. I wanted to do the eggs life size as well using a yellow candy melt for the yolk but couldn't make it to the store yesterday. Instead I told the kids they were out of regular eggs so I had to use chick eggs. Giggles erupted.

But candy bacon and eggs couldn't be the only trick. The kids were surprised coming to the bar and seeing glasses of "straight up" juice since I always serve water with just an inch of juice. They were even more surprised...

...when nothing came out.

Princess Fierce always uses a straw and was fascinated by her first clue it was April Fool's Day.

Glasses full of jello was even better than straight juice!

Then I served up the bacon and eggs.

And they loved it!

The final prank of the morning was a large color print of a cockroach I taped to the ceiling above the breakfast bar. My shriek of, "what is that?!?" with dramatic pointing skills made even my man step back in uncertainty. Mom for the win!

In addition to the faked potatoes I did last year I also super glued coins all over the driveway. It was funny watching the kids abandon their scooters when they spied them. They've enjoyed the long running gag on visitors throughout this past year from this one. Three coins still remain.

Just last week the bug man tried to pick the quarter up to the belly laughs of my boys.

Did you prank someone today?

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