Peep Wreath

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My friend next door made a cute and simple Peep chick wreath the other weekend. I had to follow suit and make one too. I chose the Peep bunnies just to be less of a copy cat. This wreath cost less than $7 to make. Shazzam!

I used a Dollar Tree wreath form, five yards of yellow grosgrain that was half price from Hobby Lobby, four packages of Peep bunnies on sale at Rite Aid for 89¢ each, and the clear spray paint I had on hand.

I sprayed all the peeps with several light coats of clear enamel. Internet searches seem to reveal crafting with Peeps is a safe bug-less activity even without this step. How is that possible? Are Peeps not really food!?! Could I make a wreath from Twinkies that would also last forever? *considers* All this abundance of internet information aside I still wanted to spray all my Peeps.

Spraying them left them just as sparkly as before but made the exposed marshmallow unsticky and no sugar cast off.

Next I wrapped my wreath form with the yellow ribbon.

Then I tried to play around with how I wanted to arrange my Peeps. This part proved tricky since they did not want to stay resting on my round wreath form.

 I started with a ring of bunnies along the outside and simply hot glued them onto the form.

I chose to use all bunnies from the end of a row facing up so there were no marshmallow spots showing.

Then I added a round of bunnies to the top.

Along with two bunnies, marshmallow exposed sides against each other, to hang from the center.

The bunnies were hot glued together then hot glued to lengths of narrow yellow ribbon I had in my ribbon stash.

The ribbon was secured to the wreath with flat head straight pins. It will not move.

Supposedly this little cutie will last for years and years. Inconceivable!

Just hanging with my Peeps! Hoppy Spring!

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