Christmas Candy Corn and Oreo Bark

>> Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Who doesn't love candy bark? One of the most often searched and viewed recipes on my blog is my Halloween Candy Corn Bark. When I saw Holiday Candy Corn at Michael's I had to buy it to create a Christmas version.

This is all you need to make some tasty Christmas cookie and candy corn bark. If you like salty with your sweet, toss in some pretzels in this mix too. That's the great thing about bark...completely customizable.

I dislike peppermint. I opted for the festive red Oreos with the original cream filling. 

Holiday corn! This stuff tastes exactly like the orange and yellow candy corn.

White candy melts. My friend just asked me yesterday what candy melts were as she stood in our local grocery store trying to locate them for a Pinterest recipe. Candy melts are found at Michael's or Jo-Ann's. My local Hobby Lobby sometimes carries them but more often carries a different brand I've never tried. I can't vouch for their tastiness. Another great brand, but more expensive, is Merckens. I buy these from a local cake supply store. I prefer candy melts to melting chocolate chips because these guys are made specifically for melting and shaping. If you've ever melted chocolate chips for a candy and noticed them sweating at room temp that's because they weren't tempered. If you use candy melts, they come in chocolate flavors too, they will not sweat or soften at room temp. Genius.

And I think sprinkles are an absolute necessity. I found these festive ones at Target.

Toss a few Oreos in a food processor or blender...

...and pulse to make cookie crumbs.

Chop a few more with a fork for bigger chunks.

And lastly I break several in fourths for large delicious pieces.

Just look at the pretty sugar!

Place parchment paper on a large jelly roll pan. Apply sprinkles.

Now scatter about your various degrees of broken Oreos and handfuls of holiday corn.

Melt the candy melts in a microwave at half power. Heat two minutes, stir. Heat in 45 second intervals stopping to stir. Stop when there are small solid parts remaining that completely dissolve with a final stir...don't over heat. Now pour over your festive sweet bits.

Spread out with a spatula and push the edges into the melted candy.

Top with more cookies and holiday corn pushed into the candy. Then add more sprinkles.

Pop this into the fridge to set up. Can't leave it too long. Honestly.

Out of the fridge and now break...

...into whatever size pieces you desire.

This bark turned out quite thick, I probably only needed two bags of candy melts.

This is some sweet tasty stuff. I took a tall dish over to my friend's house to avoid eating it all. And this past Sunday I sneaked a bag into the local theater as our candy treat during a family viewing of the new Muppet movie!

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