Snowman Wreath

>> Sunday, December 11, 2011

Isn't he the cutest? I love my new snowman wreath. It was incredibly easy and economical to make, too. I already had the center wreath in the basement.

I just needed a larger one and grabbed this one when Michael's had them half off. That's only $3.50 for the bottom.

And I paid $2.50 for the head. A total $6 for this new wreath creation.

I fluffed the wreaths and then attached them together.

I used zip ties. I have a ton of these. They're handy for all types of uses: bundling cords, securing decorations to the kids' bikes on the Fourth of July, etc. And they're inexpensive to buy by the bag at Lowe's and Home Depot. If you don't have zip ties you could easily just tie the wreaths together with heavy string.

I used an old scarf from our basket of winter mittens and hats. If I didn't have one I wanted to use there,  I'd have run up to the local Thrift Store.

For the hat I used one of my many Santa hats. I put a large safety pin through both sides under the fur trim to keep it attached. A top hat, old fedora or stocking cap would also be adorable. I considered stuffing the Santa hat with plastic grocery bags to give it shape but I like the floppy look.

That's it! Just hang and admire. You could add sticks with old gloves or mittens on the end for arms if you wanted but I like it just this way.

He's super cute and I'll probably switch his hat to a less Christmasy one to leave him there all the way until Springtime.

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