Halloween Costume Recap: Medusa

>> Thursday, November 11, 2010

The week before Halloween I decided to go as Medusa. Then I was in a mad rush to find the components. First the dress. I didn't have time to peruse the thrift stores for the perfect gown in my size so I just purchased a "Greek Goddess" dress from the Halloween store. White would not work, however. The dress was 100% Polyester and everything I read told me it would not dye. 

I took my chances. And it worked! One box of black Rit Dye, in my front load washer no less, gave me a perfect and evenly dyed gray dress. 

Before and After

Next I needed snakes. Lots of snakes. I wanted toy plastic snakes about 5 inches long. I could not find them anywhere. Luckily Wal-Mart had long toy snakes for $1 each. I also found some small plastic snakes for 25¢ at Party City.

For the large snakes I cut them at different lengths and then sewed on barrettes. I was in desperate need of a thimble. A tip for pulling the needle out of the other side of the thick snakes: non-stick shelf liner. It grabs the needle and allows you to easily pull it through. 

I made certain to go over and under the barrette so it would open and close easily. 

For the smaller snakes I started stitching them on too. However, after only one I found I didn't have the energy to keep going.

So I opted for just attaching a bobby pin. It held tight. Then I was able to stick them in my hair at all angles.

I pulled my hair in a high pony tail then pulled sections at a time over and clipped them in front. Adding snakes in random directions. A set aside a few of the small ones without bobby pins to attach to my neck and face using spirit gum. 

I wore the outfit on Saturday to our neighborhood party and again on Sunday accompanying my kiddos while they went trick or treating. A Medusa costume is surprisingly simple and immediately recognizable, full of costume win!

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