Repurposed Organization: Car Book Caddy

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

I had a problem in my Eurovan o' Fun. Books. We don't have electronic entertainment in our vehicle, choosing instead to give each kid a small bag of little playthings and a stack of books. The issue's been how to keep the books in easy reach and organized. I had a plastic magazine box from the dollar section of Target for the past year. In theory it worked. In reality it tipped over and the books slid across the floor. Plus since it had to stay on the floor my oldest would often complain about having to "bend over" and retrieve a book for his little sister. Drama! Then I was in the thrift store the other day and saw the perfect solution at the perfect price: 99¢!

A dishrack! It fits perfectly between the two boys on the bench.

The slots to separate dishes work like magic to keep the books neat. Big boys are no longer put out to find a book and hand it to their sister.

I ran the buckle across the back and thanks to rubber feet this basket isn't moving an inch. Added bonus is the boys can't argue over the space between them and who's encroaching on it.

It's been in the car three weeks now and all kids are still happy and there have been no books scattered across the floor.

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