Thanks for the Spooky Leftovers in the Pantry

>> Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Leftover candy creation time!

The orange candy melts destined for something bewitching but didn't make the timeline.

Crushing the last of the orange Halloween Oreos.

And there's also that container of Wilton Autumn sprinkles.
I just had to throw in my shopping cart the other day.

Thrown all together in a parchment lined jelly roll pan, tossed in the fridge to set and we have cookies and cream bark festive enough for the Pilgrims. I had no idea bark was so simple until last month. I added a splash of flavored oil to this batch. My mister prefers chocolate to the vanilla of the candy melts. A few drops of chocolate flavor and he was happier. He said it resembled a tootsie roll now. I'm taking that as a good thing. I also bought marshmallow and peanut butter oils. Can't wait to find something to do with those. 

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