Duo of Cupcakes: Part Two, PB Blossom Cupcakes

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The cookies were done now it was time to try and pull off baking them inside a cupcake for my friend. I follow Bake It in a Cake on facebook and I'm constantly fascinated by the creations. Before I ever discovered BIIAC I had already thought baking sweet surprises inside cupcakes sounded awesome. And I tried to create my own Buckeye Cupcake for my dad's birthday. I need to return to that creation and perfect it. I also have a dream in my head to create a cupcake with a truffle inside that is inspired off Baileys Coffee.

I digress. The task at hand is to bake my Peanut Butter Blossoms inside a vanilla cupcake. I used the cake and frosting recipe here. I didn't change a thing and I was very pleased with the result. Very.

Assembling the usual suspects to make the cupcakes.

The batter was thick and lovely. The batter is not pourable. You'll need to scoop and spread into the bottom of the cupcake liners.

The instructions said to put a heaping tablespoon full in the bottom then top with cookie then another heaping spoonful. My tablespoon does runneth over, methinks. I definitely needed less batter on bottom.

Yep. Too much batter on bottom. I barely covered the tops and the batter is already over the liners. I struggle so with a properly portioned cupcake.

After a run in the oven, they're done. Those little chocolate noses seem to be pointing out my error in batter rationing.

Another problem is my cupcakes have bubbled over onto the pan. The ungreased pan. I had to carefully pry them loose.

I only lost one in the process of getting them to shake loose from the pan. The cake is moist and sweet. This is a great cupcake recipe with or without a cookie inside.

While they cooled I made the peanut butter chocolate buttercream.

The pointy cupcake waiting for its frosting hat.

Once frosted you can't even tell the Kiss was too high.

View from the inside confirms I could've used less batter on the bottom and been just fine. 

These cupcakes are amazing. AMAZING! They tasted even better the second day. Almost ready to deliver to my neighbor but I wanted to whip up one more quick custom cupcake.

To be continued...

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