Handprint Wreath

>> Friday, January 7, 2011

This simple handprint wreath was part of our Advent activities this past Christmas. We're lucky enough to have my parents living just two doors down. And recently my dad's mom has come to live with them, now my kids have their grandparents and their great grandmother living close by. Great Grandma Gene's preferred holiday decor is white and blue; my mom's Christmas style is all Santas all the time. To help her feel more at home my mom found a small white tree and outfitted it with blue and white lights for Great Grandma Gene's bedroom and I thought the kids could make her something to help make the room festive as well.

To make this wreath I traced and cutout three of each of my three kiddos' hands on white and cream paper; total of 18 handprints. I used a dinner plate to trace a circle on a scrap piece of cardboard and a smaller bowl to trace and cut out the middle circle for my wreath form.

I played around with the best way to arrange the hands before taping them down to the cardboard ring.

And a wreath starts to emerge.

To keep with the blue and white theme I purchased blue and white foam snowflake stickers at Michael's. The stickers were spread across the table and the kids were set loose to decorate together as they saw fit.

I found a roll of beautiful wide silver and blue wire ribbon at The Dollar Tree and attached a long length to the back so it could hang from the top of her bedroom door. The kids loved the finish wreath. That night we walked down the street and they delivered it to Great Grandma Gene. She was thrilled to have her own wreath in her favorite colors and especially loved it being made from the kids' hands.

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