Ice Wreaths

>> Thursday, January 13, 2011

I did not create this crafty bit of winter fun. I can't even remember where I first saw it months ago. A quick google search returns far too many variations to know where to credit. What I do know is when I saw it I thought it would never be cold enough, long enough in the south to make an ice wreath. And then my town became Hothlanta.

I used one of my old bundt pans for my biggest child to create. The younger two just got glass bowls with a juice glass in the middle to create the hole.

I sent Thing One outside to grab some pretty green leaves from my Gardenia bushes.

We also used some of the dried corn I had for the squirrels. Other things I grabbed were some clementines approaching their end of days. Anything that wouldn't harm the birds and squirrels when it melts.

I filled the containers with a couple of inches of water and then set them loose to create...

Thing One's frozen wreath. A little hot water on the bottom and it popped out easy as you please. I took some twine and looped it through to hang outside.

Super Sniffer's icy wreath. My choice of glass for the center was not wise. The grooves got stuck and his almost broke in half. We had to wet it and reset it in the freezer. I was concerned with getting something heavy and didn't consider unmolding it. Something with a taper would be best.

Princess Fierce's pretty orange hued wreath.

Thing Two wanted to hang his on the tree under our snake. I preferred this side but he preferred...

...the corn side to face out.

Princess Fierce walked hers down the street and gave it to Great Grandma Gene.

We took down the wind chimes and hung it by the swings for the birds.

She said the birds and squirrels would hit the jackpot when it melts.

I hung Thing One's in the shade to hopefully last even longer. He also favors the yellow corn side.

I'm just stunned these can hang in the place formerly known as Hotlanta.

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