I'm On a Boat with my Nautical Themed Pashmina

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In order to understand this post you have to know a couple of things.

First you must know about one of my man's absolute favorite SNL Digital Shorts: "I'm On a Boat."

Explicit language warning: to see the cleaner, dubbed version click here.

When we went to Legoland last year my man flipped that Lego thought to include this shout out in their Miniland USA portion of the park. Almost made stepping on Legos at 2am forgivable. Almost, that really hurts!

Okay, the second thing you need to know is two parts: a) my family would love nothing more than to sell it all and live on a boat with our kids for a few years and b) my man is obsessed with "I'm On a Boat" as a theme song to such future adventure.

Obsessed. I'm On a Boat is his ringtone for everyone but me...I'm the Wonder Woman theme song, naturally.

Obsessed enough to create the image on the right from the one in the video on the left for his facebook profile page.

Obsessed enough to throw on this shirt over his clothes in the middle of a Walmart and pop gang signs at his wife's camera phone.

And I can't claim to not feed his obession. Since I put together this little piece from the kids' old Playmobile toys to sit on the shelf in his home office. I even added a little goatee and glasses to make like he indeed was on the boat...with his mermaid (ME) in the back.

That should be enough to understand why I had to make my man the Nautical Themed Pashmina Sandberg references in the video for his birthday. I had to make it too, turns out they don't sell such things. Shocking, I know.

I scored this rayon pashmina-style scarf at Target on clearance for $3.

Anchor appliques were more difficult to find than I expected. Well, for the price I was willing to pay. I'm not going to drop a lot of money on this gift.

Arranging them proved difficult. I really needed a lot more. But after I settled on this I set to pressing. This is only my second time ironing on embelishments and both times it has taken substantially longer than I expected. All experienced iron-on-ers advice appreciated.

All finished and on my reluctant Thing Two as the model.

Pardon my geek as I throw this pic out there for my Old Spice commercial loving girlfriend. He can go straight from On a Boat to On a Horse.

My man laughed a true belly laugh when he pulled his custom nautical themed pashmina out of his gift bag last night. Then threw it and yelled, "I'm on a boat!"

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