Star Wars Rice Crispy Treats

>> Friday, February 18, 2011

Thing One had Rice Krispies for breakfast this morning. The sight of the box made Thing Two about bounce off the floor with the idea to make rice crispy treats...shaped like the Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter. Thing Two would be the one with the Star Wars bedroom and Death Star birthday cake, in case you hadn't connected the dots.

He then promptly ran to the cabinet and retrieved this lovely box my man gave me for Christmas.

Inside it has Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter sandwich cutters. I heart it but...

...I've been terribly remiss to not use these for a single thing since I was gifted them in December. All three kids were on board by this point and giving me puppy dog eyes for Star Wars rice crispy treats.

I had to oblige and assembled all the necessary ingredients for the best rice crispy treats you will ever eat. Seriously, these are like candy crack. I've not had a person eat them that did not moan and ask for another before even swallowing. The trick is that bag of candy melts. I don't have a recipe, per se, for these treats. I wing the amounts of everything based on how much I have on hand. The basic formula is a large box of rice crispies, large bag of marshmallows, stick of butter, half a bag or whatever I have on hand of the candy melts, and a splash of vanilla extract. If you're going to color rice crispy treats buy the colored candy melts; they do a fab job. If not you can add food coloring. I came across this combo by happy mistake one day when half my bag of marshmallows dumped on the floor in mid-process of treat making. I improvised with candy and magic happened. Delicious magic.

Melt the butter first in a VERY large pot. Don't use high heat, ever.

Add the marshmallows and stir, stir, stir.

When the marshmallows are halfway melted add the candy melts and keep stirring.

Add your color before tossing in the cereal. Pour the box into this and then prepare to break your arm stirring. I don't care what the tv commercial says, it is work to make these guys.

Then I dump them out onto buttered freezer paper. I press them into a tight, flat layer the thickness I want my treats.

Spray the cookie cutters with kitchen lube and cut out the first TIE fighter.

Next a Millennium Falcon. I rolled the scraps back together and recut more and more. When I was all done I had a mess of pieces left and thought I'd try to surprise the kids...

...with a rice crispy treat Death Star. They were stoked.

I had a few cuts left and Thing One requested a small Star Destroyer. This was the best I could do with what was left. 

Some of the finished fleet ready for destruction.

Since it was his idea, Thing Two got first pick and chose a Millennium Falcon to destroy.

This was the only one choosing a TIE Fighter.

Darth Fairy chowed down on her Millennium Falcon.

These words were heard just before I snapped this shot, "Chewie, prepare for ultimate impact!"

"Mom, it looks like Jar Jar Binks."

"It's so gooey and good, mom!"

*please don't judge the dirty fingernails. He's a boy; I can't keep them clean.

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