Mini Nutter Butter Cupcakes

>> Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yesterday was my man's birthday. I had leftover cake batter after putting his birthday cake in the oven. Not enough to make cupcakes but just enough to make a few mini cupcakes.

I also had a bag of mini Nutter Butters in the pantry.

I spooned a bit of batter in the bottom of the greased depressions (I'm completely without mini liners) and topped with one Nutter Butter Bite.

Topped with another blob of tasty batter. Once again overfilling my cupcakes. I cannot get this right.

After they cooled I piped on chocolate peanut butter buttercream from my hubby's cake as well.

These little two bite cupcakes were awesome. I'd love to do a full size version but hate the idea of cutting the full size nutter butter.

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