Nature Heart Scavenger Hunt

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inspired by the tree above that sits in our own front yard, I grabbed the kids and our point and shoot camera and we explored our neighborhood last February to see if we could find even more heart shapes in the great outdoors. We were pleasantly surprised with how many we could find when we opened up our minds to new perspectives. I realize Valentine's Day has already come and gone this year but I still think the entire month of love can be used for this outdoor adventure. Especially if the month deals you an early Spring-like day.

My son wasn't sure we'd find any shapes so he first drew this one in the mud with a stick.

My other son made the shape of a heart with his hands and held them up in the sunshine. He said shadows counted.

Then these twin red leaves among the green were their first find.

My daughter spotted a tar blob she saw a heart in.

Still doubting my oldest created a heart from pine straw.

And then the same son noticed the alignment of the county markings and tar and said it looked like cupid's bow and arrow.

A neighbor has a hand painted mailbox with fairies my daughter loves and this day noted the leaf looked like a heart.

Then the kids opened their eyes and the hearts appeared, this one from tar on the road.

A muddy tire track.

Wet storm debris from the night before.

Simple cracks.

Adjusting your position to look up a the trees.

A rock.

Or two.

A tree that had been cut down in the woods.

A lone leaf.

Neighbor's gate.

The knot where a limb once attached to the tree.

Another look up at the trees and its relationship to the branch behind.

A muddy shoe print.

Chipped road paint.

Another leaf.

Deer tracks by the river.

And this one for the heart we text our loved ones.

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