Candy Corn Brownies

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The candy corn must be gone by the end of October. I thought baking some of them in brownies would be a festive and yummy thing to do. The kids were obviously in full support of this plan. I did regular candy corn on top of mini brownie muffins and caramel candy corn on top of a pan of brownies. While I do have several brownie recipes from scratch, these were from a box. But not just any box, Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Brownie mix.  Love this brownie mix! If you've never tried it you need to change that. It's so tasty on its own but if you have Heath toffee bits, you should throw a handful in the brownie batter for a truly mouth altering experience. But I digress; this is about candy corn!

A handful of caramel corn tossed atop the square pan of brownie batter.

One candy corn placed on top of each brownie mini batter cup.

Then the brownies went in the oven. But what I didn't expect was all the candy corns MELTED! I'm talking completely liquified. No sign of candy corn color anywhere instead a perfect candy corn sized triangle hole remained where each candy corn had been. I pulled the pans out when there was about 5 minutes left of baking time and stuck a candy corn back into each void. Popped the brownies back in the oven for the new candy corns to soften and nestle into the brownie goodness. Worked like a charm. Plus now the candy corns are on top for festive appearance and the flavor goes all the way through!

Softened caramel corns nestled in a pillow of chocolate brownie scrumptiousness.

Love the way these look. 
They're a pain to get out when you let them cool too long, however.

Caramel Candy Corn, Double Chocolate Brownies

This chewy creation was my favorite.

Candy Corn, Double Chocolate Mini Brownie Bites

Nom nom nom.

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