Creating Catwoman's Necklace

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

Princess Fierce has changed her mind about wearing Darth Fairy costume I made her again on Halloween. Apparently she really only wanted it for the Dragon*Con parade, or at least until she found a pair of knee high faux black leather boots at Target. She bought the boots with her birthday money choosing the footwear over aisles and aisles of toys. And the same afternoon looked at me and said, "I want to be CATWOMAN for Halloween and wear my boots!"

I considered the more recent catwoman incarnation but really determined that's not fitting for a five year old. We're going old school, Julie Newmar style catwoman. I've got the boots, the black pants, the black shirt, the black ears but I need the gold belt and most importantly the gold necklace to pull this off.

I couldn't find a lion button or charm so I cut the head off a toy lion.


I found this necklace on clearance at Claire's for $5. I removed the gem from the center medallion.

Glued on the lion's face.

A coat of metallic gold spray paint.

Hanging out to dry.

And I do think this catwoman necklace will do the trick. Princess Fierce is happy, well, she's kinda fierce here.

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