Painting Pumpkins

>> Thursday, October 21, 2010

As I mentioned before, I do not like to carve pumpkins. I only did a carved jack-o-lantern and expensive trip to a "pumpkin patch" one year with all our kiddos. I was disappointed the pumpkins weren't on a vine in this so-called patch but instead we were carried by tractor pulled hay ride across a field to yet another field where pumpkins were scattered about. The kids enjoyed the day, our wallets did not. And the resulting carved pumpkin became a stinky, rotting mess on the front step.

The one and only year in a large Pumpkin Patch, October 2007

The next year I switched gears and instead of spending too much on one day in a crowded field with strangers to buy one expensive large pumpkin, we visited our friends that run a pumpkin patch in front of their church and let each kid pick out their own pumpkin to PAINT.

The first painted pumpkins, October 2008

My goblins with their creations year two of painted pumpkins in 2009

This year the kids started asking very early in October when we would be going to visit our friends' pumpkin patch to buy the pumpkins. And I suppose by year three I can call this a tradition, right?

My oldest has yet to ever pick a traditional orange pumpkin.

Princess Fierce, after two years of painting solid pink, was ready for new colors.

Initially Thing Two wanted to just paint it all black. Then he came back and added some cool dots.

Cheetah Legs's Harry Potter themed painted pumpkin.

My girl has no title for this but she's quite proud of her finished pumpkin.

I'm actually really digging the black and bright green dots my boy did this year.

And my painted pumpkin this year has his eye on you!

My kidlets with their wonderful decorated pumpkins.

Can we get a group shot? Do you have more than one child? If so you know where this is headed...

Stepford Children

Um, no not what I'm looking for.

Seriously, guys, are you even trying?!?

I'm done. This is the one going in a frame. And frankly, it perfectly captures them.

Happy Halloween!

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