I Like Candy, Part Two: Darth Vader

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In my previous post I mentioned the start of my new found curiosity for making candies and chocolates. It was all a lead up to this entry. I needed a reason to make a solid Darth Vader mask out of black chocolate. And I found it. My friend's fortieth birthday. He's a Star Wars fan; he'd appreciate it. I was very excited. I had plans to make Vader from a mix of milk chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream. I was melting my large amount of chocolate over a double boiler fashioned from a large bowl when my bowl tipped, steam slipped inside the lip of the bowl, and my chocolate seized. I blogged about that mistake and the resulting yummy truffles here. What I didn't mention in the blog entry was in addition to the truffles, before I froze the chocolate seizure, I scooped out more and pressed the Bailey's-chocolate into my Han Solo in Carbonite candy mold

All his features didn't turn out perfect since the chocolate wasn't pourable and therefore unable to reach the small voids. However, after a toss in cocoa I thought he was decent enough to take pictures of with toys. And eat. I mean, come on, he's made of milk chocolate and Baileys. I think a dip in a hot cup of coffee would be the perfect way to release Han. 

I still needed to make Vader since the birthday party was the next day. A quick trip to the store for more chocolate and I was back on track. It took a fair amount of blue and red oil color to turn the milk chocolate black. I also decided not to mess with the Bailey's this time. The finished result made me happy. This is an 11-1/2" x 12" x 1" chunk of milk chocolate evilness.

So happy I took its picture with Obi Wan. 

I made a foil wrapped board for the chocolate just as I'd do if this had been a cake. Slid the board and chocolate into a food basket bag, tied with black ribbon and attached my own photo card with the not so clever message, "May the Forties be with you, Curtis." Curtis seemed very pleased with his custom chocolate. I think there will be more large chocolate plaques in my future.


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