Candy Corn Pudding Cups

>> Friday, October 29, 2010

I think this will be my last Halloween inspired goodie of twenty-ten. *sniff* I do love Halloween so much. However, every moment of Autumn is awesome, my favorite season of all. This morning I decided to whip up one last surprise for the kiddos before the onslaught of CANDY!

I stood on the pudding aisle earlier this week and thought of all the layered Jello candy corn inspired treats I've seen. Why not pudding? French Vanilla has a yellow hue.  And Butterscotch is in the orange family. I knew there was a tub of cool whip waiting at home already.

I first mixed the French Vanilla and added just a touch of yellow food coloring to the milk to bring out the first candy corn color. I poured equal amounts in six wine glasses then let them set about five minutes in the refrigerator. Next I made the Butterscotch with just a splash of yellow and red color in the milk to pump up the orange. If I ever did this again, I'd double the Butterscotch layer. It just didn't go high enough for my liking. After all was set I topped with cool whip. I suppose a white chocolate pudding might be nice too. Oh, I wonder if I could've reversed the order and put these in my popsicle freezer molds?!? Candy Corn Pudding pops? I can hear Bill Cosby knocking on my door now for those sweet frozen pops. Next year. 

The kids were very happy with their afternoon snack on the Friday before Halloween.

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